5 Ways to Tell You Live In Westfield, NJ

You were counting down the days until Trader Joe’s re-opened.

Chef praying

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After a huge snowstorm in January caused the roof to cave in (fortunately no one was hurt!), Trader Joe’s had to close down. Honestly it felt like waiting 11 years rather than 11 months for them to reopen, but it finally happened! Trader Joe’s reopened on the 2nd, and we’re all so very excited for them to be back.

You don’t just go to the movies, you go to the Rialto.

Movie Theater

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You can go to the movies in just about any town in America, but you can only visit the Rialto in Downtown Westfield. Bringing some art-deco flair to Main Street, the Rialto opened in 1922, and has been fabulous ever since.

You can’t make up your mind where to go to eat.

Is there food here?

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There are just so many options, okay! Really it’s one of the best problems I have. Do I want to treat myself at Chez Catherine for some critically acclaimed French cuisine? Or maybe I’m feeling more like pizza and want to hit up The Brick Oven. Then again I could always head to my new favorite, Addam’s Tavern for some local burgers and great atmosphere.

You never pass up an opportunity to walk around downtown.

Walking Downtown

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Downtown Westfield is gorgeous. And when the weather’s nice, it’s the perfect place to take a stroll. We’ve already established how awesome the Rialto is, but there’s so much more. The combination of high-end shops and cute local boutiques, make for a stellar shopping experience.

You’re proud of your community.

Leslie Knope Best Town in the World

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Let’s face it. It’s hard to find a better place to live than Westfield, NJ. If you live here, then you know it’s the best. You know that a list of 5 is way too short to contain everything you love about Westfield. I haven’t even mentioned the Memorial Library or any of the nine in town parks or how when you live in Westfield you feel like you’re part of a community. You don’t just live here: Westfield is your home.

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